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Art Display

Pieces regularly supplied to artists or clients wanting to highlight that special piece.

See examples of the custom work we have done for artists here.

Acrylic textile clamps for displays, exhibitions, museums, and galleries. Wall hanging, curtains, antique material, nylons, fabrics and clothes
Textile Clamps
Transparent clamps for hanging fabrics or tapestries. Textiles are ’sandwiched’ without damage.
Acrylic picture tracking mounts assist in balancing art, picture and mounted displays in galleries, museums, art shops and archives.
Picture Tracking
For mounting tiles, screens or other panels on the wall.

Standard length 100 mm (4”) or to order.

Acrylic perspex panel feet, designed to display in galleries, museums, archives, and by private collectors. Simple design allows for adaptable use. Very unobtrusive. Perfect for pictures, panels, art, tiles, mosaics
Panel Feet
Handsome supports in solid one-inch thick acrylic to hold a flat panel or screen upright. Great for oriental screens.
Elegant grand columns and plinths in acrylic for statues, models, busts and other displays.  Great for museums and private displays
Plinths and Columns
Elegant columns and plinths to hold statues, vases or similar objects designed in clear acrylic or other materials to clients’ specifications.

Picture Frame Holders in unobtrusive clear acrylic elegantly displays pictures at an angled support.
Picture Frame Holders
Holds a small picture or plaque upright. Common in art galleries but also works well as picture stands for photos or drawings around the home.
Solid Brass Frames make great easels for artists and paintings in all sizes, great for postcards to larger canvas
Solid Brass Frames
Solid brass easels with adjustable rests for pictures, books, plaques, etc.
Charger Stands for large plates goose dish or tray, great for displaying kitchen and tea party sets
Charger Stands
Extra strong stands to carry larger plates and chargers up to 32" diameter. Also suitable for trays, small paintings, plaques, etc.

Fairs and Exhibitions antiques museum summer fair olympia
Fairs and Exhibitions
Items perfect for exhibiting artefacts at antiques fairs and pop-up exhibitions.
Blocks, solid acrylic
Solid acrylic blocks for adding depth to a display and raising objects
Drums and Blocks of soild clear acrylic perspex for displays for museum and private collectors
Drums and blocks to raise items and add depth to a display. They can help to highlight important pieces. Used in shop windows, museums or on the mantelpiece.
Helping to minimize vibrations, these are a great asset towards conservation and damage prevention in display cases. Made with polyurethane these are also durable enough to use on the backs of doors and cupboards as anti-slam devices as well as to protect table tops or stop an object slipping.
Laser engraved acrylic or metal plaques