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Cleaning & Conservation

Our range of cleaning products are perfect for use on acrylic and perspex. We have specially made restorers that can remove scratches and leave the acrylic looking like new. Our own formulated cleaner ACRYLENE® contains antistatic to stop dust and debris sticking to your display case or mount. Widely used in museums this is now becoming more popular with private collectors and interior designers. ACRYLENE®'s antistatic properties also make it a popular choice for cleaning your Ipad, computers and TV screen, not just your display of historic artefacts.

Acrylene Cleaner for acrylic and perspex displays which is great for museums and galleries
Acrylene Cleaner With Active Cleaning Solution
ACRYLENE® Cleaner cleans and protects, polishes acrylic without scratching, leaving a shiny surface which repels dust, resists finger marking and eliminates static.
Acrylene Fine Restorer
Acrylene Fine Restorer
ACRYLENE® Fine Restorer restores acrylic: a fine paste which removes fine scratches, haziness and abrasions from surfaces. Polish afterwards using ACRYLENE® cleaner to make acrylic surfaces as good as new. (Follow instructions on bottle label).

Acrylene Coarse Restorer
Acrylene Course Restorer
ACRYLENE® Coarse Restorer prepares the surface: this abrasive preparation removes heavy scratches from acrylic. Follow with ACRYLENE® Fine Restorer, and finally polish with ACRYLENE® Cleaner. (Follow instructions on bottle label).

POLICLOTH® Cloths are ideal for use with ACRYLENE® products, POLICLOTH®s are special non-abrasive, lint-free cloths which ensure that acrylic is not scratched during cleaning.

Polishing Files
Polishing Files
Each file has 4 graded abrasive faces, which are used in sequence to remove scratches and bring the surface back to a polished shine. Follow with ACRYLENE® restorers.

Acrylene Renovation Kit for cleaning perspex and acrylic is antistatic and can remove small scratches
Acrylene Renovation Kit
ACRYLENE® RENOVATION KIT. A complete kit: 250ml bottle of each ACRYLENE® Cleaner/Restorer, 5 POLICLOTH®s and 5 files, with full instructions on each bottle.

Museum Gel Wax quake gel museum putty secures antiques to surface is conservation friendly
Museum Gel
Clear non-toxic gel for securing artefacts. The gel, also referred to as quake gel or museum putty, works just like Blu-Tack but leaves no oil or marks. It only takes a small amount to secure objects to most surfaces (not suitable on anything porous). The gel can be peeled off afterwards (and used again) and does not harm the item, making it completely conservation friendly. For advice on whether this would work for your objects or how to secure your item please get in touch.
Helping to minimize vibrations, these are a great asset towards conservation and damage prevention in display cases. Made with polyurethane these are also durable enough to use on the backs of doors and cupboards as anti-slam devices as well as to protect table tops or stop an object slipping.