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General Stands & Holders

General Stands and holders, in acrylic for museum and private display


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Adjustable Holders in acrylic perspex suited for varying needs of museums archives galleries and retailers. Strong supports and adjustable length allow for displaying cutlery, oddly shaped artefacts, collectables
Adjustable Holders
The back support can be adjusted forward or back to hold an object.

Simple elegant phial holders in acrylic perspex. Completely unobtrusive yet firmly holds precious phials, snuff bottles
Phial Holders
Designed to support tear phials or similar objects.

General Support Stands in clear acrylic perspex excellent for oriental artefacts pipes weapons arrows. Firm support for general items in exhibitions and displays
General Support Stands
These simple rests can be used either on their own or in pairs to support any long objects such as pistols, telescopes, etc.
General Stands in acrylic perspex suitable for heavy and wide based items such as tiles, wood, crosses, panels, masonry, bindings
General Stands
Suitable for small miniatures, plaques, tiles and any rectangular object. Stand size stated.
Acrylic Pincer Stands suited to holding artefacts in a vertical position. Suits pipes, instruments, daggers, weapons crosses woodwork. Perfect for private collectors, dealers and museums
General Pincer Stands
Adaptable stand for tall, thin objects which are not self-supporting, eg dolls.
Angled acrylic stands suitable for snuff boxes, snuff bottles, jewellery, watches, diary, paper, gem box, gem case, jewellery case, necklace case and other antiques
Box Stands
These slightly tilt snuff boxes or other rectangular objects allowing the object to be seen from different sides.
Adjustable acrylic stands ideal for plates as used in museums and antiques displays
Adjustable Stands
The fine adjustment of back rests makes these ideal where the angle of the dish is critical.
Museum Gel Wax quake gel museum putty secures antiques to surface is conservation friendly
Museum Gel
Clear non-toxic gel for securing artefacts. The gel, also referred to as quake gel or museum putty, works just like Blu-Tack but leaves no oil or marks. It only takes a small amount to secure objects to most surfaces (not suitable on anything porous). The gel can be peeled off afterwards (and used again) and does not harm the item, making it completely conservation friendly. For advice on whether this would work for your objects or how to secure your item please get in touch.
Picture Frame Holders in unobtrusive clear acrylic elegantly displays pictures at an angled support.
Picture Frame Holders
Holds a small picture or plaque upright. Common in art galleries but also works well as picture stands for photos or drawings around the home.