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Card, Leaflets & Numbering


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Acrylic card holder, perfect for displaying business information, posters, signs and cards. Simple design allows for easy wall mount
Card Holders (Wall)
Card and information displays can be slipped in and out of these wall-mounted holders.
Essential for any company, acrylic card holders help display cards, posters, signs and documents. Number blocks allow people to identify displays in exhibitions or showrooms
Card Holders & Numbering
Freestanding card holders and number blocks for adding notes and information to a display.
Essential for any company, acrylic card holders help give a professional edge to your card displays
Card Boxes
Ideal for business cards or publicity material.
Leaflet Holders (Desk Mounted) in acrylic perspex very much suited for displaying museum and collector information strong and resilient in varying sizes
Leaflet Holders (Desk Mounted)
Freestanding holders for leaflets and point of sale material.
Leaflet Holders (Wall Mounted) in clear acrylic perspex perfect for information leaflets booklets and company marketing. Clear cases allow for easy viewing and simple design allows for easy installation. Perfect for museums, private collectors, retailers
Leaflet Holders (Wall Mounted)
Great for galleries and exhibition spaces to hold maps and information for the objects on show.
Laser engraved acrylic or metal plaques