Art Display Plinths

posted on 09 Nov 2023

Gallery display plinths for Barabaa Hepworth Museum Exhibition


From Perspex, bronze or painted, shadow gap or circular, we make and design bespoke high end plinths and pedestals for all manner of art work and antiquities. Whether it’s to go outside and support a few tons of sculpture or enhance the smallest of objects at an art fair or exhibition.

We collaborate with dealers, architects, galleries and private collectors to create a display for their works of art. These commissions are sometimes simple, working to sizes and details provided, other times we travel to assess the artwork and advise the client what may suit the piece or the location best.

A display plinth helps not only to elevate and add grandeur to an object but also to protect. The boarder a plinth gives around the object can help prevent it from accidents in two ways, physically as it prevents the viewer from getting too close, but also psychologically as the addition of a plinth in a room singles out that object and effects how people behave in a space.

The key to ensuring the plinth is effective is down to the finish and design. While clear acrylic can help float an object, having this painted can help it stand out. It can also compliment the object, using real metal and bronze can add value to a piece. Design tricks such as shadow gaps or a chamfered edge can help lead the eye and draw the viewer in. We can make these in a variety of material from Perspex, timber, metal finishes, chrome, sprayed and lacquered, square or round!

To aid security at a museum exhibition or in a gallery setting we can weight these, have adjustable feet for uneven ground, or have fixings to anchor them to the floor. Acrylic covers can be added to give security over an object if in a public space.

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Above: Reinforced plinths for Barabaa Hepworth sculpotures at The River and Rowing Museum exhibtion 

Solid Perpsex acrylic plinths with covers

Solid acrylic plinth with perspex covers


Halycon Gallery display plinths

Display plinths with cover and mounts at Halycon Gallery


real metal spray finish bronze oval plinth

Real metal bronze plinth, an aged antique patinated effect

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