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About us

The Dauphin Story

Founded in 1986, Dauphin designs and makes mounts, acrylic cases and cabinets for state and private collectors alike. With an invitation to receive the Royal Warrants as Mount Makers to Her Majesty The Queen, Dauphin has established itself as the world's largest maker of mounts and acrylic fabricators for displays.

Stock & Design Mounts

We have a wide range of stock mounts to suit most collectible items, visit our shop here. However, where a stock mount cannot meet a client's exact requirements a Dauphin artisan will be happy to conduct an assessment and sketch for a new design. We work regularly in London, around the UK and internationally. Please get in contact for a consultation.

crafting a display at New Walk Museum

Production & Delivery

Dauphin mounts are hand crafted by our team of artisan at our Oxfordshire headquarters and workshop. All Dauphin production is "Made in Britain" so we can guarantee national and European stock delivery within a required time.

Environmental Policy

We are proud of our green policy. All our power comes off grid. Electricity comes from solar panels on the workshop roof. This even powers our three phase machines. Heat comes from a farm biomass burner(only needed in winter). Any acrylic waste we have is recycled or we sell good size off cuts on eBay as well as donations to local model makers and schools.

Where possible all materials we buy are produced in the UK to keep our carbon footprint low. 

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